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Benjamin Riley

Benjamin Riley is a Melbourne-based journalist writing mostly about queer politics and culture. His work has appeared in publications including The Lifted Brow, Junkee, SBS Sexuality, Archer and Star Observer, and in 2014 he received the Victorian AIDS Council Media Award for his coverage of HIV and LGBTI health. Follow him on Twitter: @bencriley.

Aug 19, 2017

Marriage days: A walking tour of political struggle

By Benjamin Riley

At the edge of Lake Burley Griffin I could see Parliament House across the water, and in the distance I tried and failed to make out the view I’d seen posted on Twitter: hundreds of pink paper hearts planted in the lawn reading “All Love Is Equal”.

Nov 23, 2016

Small acts of violence: On men in public spaces

By Benjamin Riley

In ‘micro expressions’ of masculinity, the role or the perception of ‘effort’ is important. The paragon, the most masculine, is the man who can enact himself upon the world without even trying. As such, to even admit to thinking about masculinity in this way feels on some level like weakness, as though if I was a real man I wouldn’t have to.