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Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell’s latest book is a novel, We. Are. Family. (MidnightSun Publishing), that looks at Australian masculinity through the lens of three generations of the Stevenson family. His fiction and poetry has won or been highly commended in numerous national awards, and he has written several essays on masculinity issues for publications such as Griffith ReviewThe AgeMeanjin and The Big Issue. Find out more at his website:

May 08, 2018

The shape of a mentor: What I learnt from my uncle and Elton

By Paul Mitchell

I’ve heard music like this but never seen a man who isn’t watching football so excited. The way Wayne describes it, the album could be a religious artefact. But I don’t understand any of the words he’s using to describe it, nor the lyrics: “All the young girls love Alice, tender young Alice they say …”