Four Great Podcasts about Masculinity

Unfortunately we’re unable to bring you a new episode of our podcast this fortnight—scheduling conflicts and work/study commitments got the best of us. We’re not, however, empty-handed. We thought this would be a good moment to direct readers and followers (we’re grateful for each and every one of you, don’t ever leave us) to other podcasts about men and masculinity.

German Villegas, host of the Modern Manhood Podcast

First up: The Modern Manhood Podcast. German Villegas (@modernmanpod) is a fantastic, unassuming first-person interviewer who seeks out men to engage them on their views about masculinity. My personal favourite so far is his interview with John Morrison about masculinity in hip-hop—even as a pretty dedicated hip-hop fan, I learned a lot. But this podcast just turned one and Villegas has been a dedicated producer. He’s got an episode for you on just about any topic you might care to think of.

Second: Guise Podcast. This one’s pioneered by a group of guys and centres around their conversations. Their description of the podcast does the job as well as I ever could. According to them, it’s about “how we relate to each other, how we relate to strangers, and how we relate to ourselves. We love talking about this shit and also hate it. But we are trying. We thought this is the kind of stuff that needs to be talked about more and apparently most of our friends do too.” This is good fodder for a listener who doesn’t want to be too taxed and would just like to hear a bevy of very ordinary guys try to be real about male relationships in the twenty-first century.

Abdul Aziz Muhamat, in The Messenger

And as a combined third: Better Off Dead and The Messenger. Neither of these podcasts is explicitly about masculinity, but in both, a male host shows enormous sensitivity in bonding and relating to people in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. In Better Off Dead, Andrew Denton explores Australia’s troubled, contradictory relationship with assisted dying. The definite highlights are his conversations with surviving family members and people soon to be deceased, whose lives he asks after and stories he tells with incredible sensitivity.

And in The Messenger, journalist Michael Green communicates via voice messages with Abdul Aziz Muhamat, a current detainee in Manus Island Detention Centre, building a tender and brilliant relationship with him over the course of more than a year. The savagery of the situation is constantly salved by the intimate, honest and humorous exchanges between the two men, who have a palpable, warming connection.

Hopefully that’s enough for you all to be getting on with! And hey, if you do like our podcast, do us a favour and head to our iTunes page to give us a review. Love them stars. Back soon with a new episode!

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