Thanks for thinking about submitting to Homer! Please read the following guidelines closely before getting in touch.

First of all, if your submission to Homer is accepted, you’ll be paid for your work.

The rates will vary depending on how flush we are, but we’re committed to paying for all the work we publish.

Second, we want submissions from everyone.

Homer is about masculinities, which does not mean it’s by men or even purely for them. Masculinities affect everyone – positively, negatively, differently. However you’ve encountered them, every angle is needed to create as robust a picture of masculinities as they deserve and sorely need.

Third, we’re looking to create a particular kind of conversation.

Broadly speaking, we want pieces that lend insight into positive and negative experiences with mainstream and non-mainstream masculinities. So before submitting, ask yourself if your piece lends something to public dialogues around men and masculinities that isn’t out there already.

Fourth, here’s what we’re looking for more specifically:

– Memoir
– Personal essays
– Interviews
– Think pieces
– Humour
– Reviews
– Creative non-fiction

We do not publish:

– Poetry
– Fiction

Fifth, some recommended reading.

If you need inspiration/are bored/want to know where we’re coming from, here are a few of our past pieces that we strongly recommend wrapping your brain around. They offer you a good idea of the kind of content we’re seeking.

– ‘After you: Why male vulnerability is needed in online spaces‘ (Sep 2016)
– ‘Small acts of violence: On men in public spaces‘ (Nov 2016)
– ‘#RoleModelReading: An interview with Nathan Maynard‘ (Dec 2016)
– ‘#RoleModelReading: An interview with Mike Esler‘ (Jan 2017)
– ‘The evolution of ‘Man’: Hard science and human masculinity‘ (Sep 2017)
– ‘Carry it lightly: The inherited masculinities of a gay father and his son‘ (Mar 2018)
– ‘The shape of a mentor: What I learnt from my uncle and Elton‘ (May 2018)

If that hasn’t filled you up, we also recommend familiarising yourself with this video by Gus Johnston, the work being done by Jackson Katz, and with these pieces by Scaachi Koul at Hazlitt, Michael Salter at Meanjin, Andrew Reiner at the New York Times, Claire Vaye Watkins at Tin House and Rebecca Solnit at Lit Hub.

And when you’re feeling fat and sassy, email your pitches and content to Ashley Thomson at

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. We respond to all enquiries, pitches and submissions as promptly as possible.