The Homer Half-Hour Podcast #1: Masculinity in Australian Politics

In our first ever podcast episode, Ashley Thomson and Glen Martin discuss the role of masculine archetypes in the current Australian political landscape. From Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and John Howard to Malcolm Turnbull, George Christensen and Scott Ludlam, they attempt to interpret (whilst quietly judging) what, if anything, an onlooker can look up to in Australian male politicians. (And if iTunes is your tipple, you can find the podcast here:

Below are a few of the items mentioned by Glen and Ashley in the podcast. Here’s a photo of Bob Hawke’s annual beer-skolling tradition (of a schooner, thankfully, and not in fact a yard-glass) at the Sydney Cricket Ground, going strong at 87 years old:

The other photo of Hawkie that Glen mentioned, of him crying in response to the Tiananmen Square massacre, is the header image of this piece.

Here’s some coverage of Scott Ludlam’s decision to take leave from Parliament to recover from anxiety and depression—interestingly, it’s phrased as “fighting” anxiety and depression:

Here’s Malcolm Turnbull’s surprisingly unscripted tribute to Bill Leak:

And here’s the documentary about The Tote in Melbourne that Glen mentioned, Persecution Blues. He was wrong about the name but not that it’s a very interesting tale of resistance:

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  • Maribeth

    April 27, 2017

    This actually made me cry! This is such a wonderful thing to see, and I am so glad that there ar8;#&e217nt rude comments on here about this. The world is finally taking the steps to becoming a better place.

    • Ashley Thomson

      Ashley Thomson

      April 30, 2017

      Thanks, Maribeth! 🙂


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