The Homer Half-Hour Podcast #11: White Maleness and Inclusion with Glen Martin

We didn’t really know what we were setting out to talk about when we sat down this week, but some of you may remember that a member of the Canberra legislative assembly, Mark Parton, claimed recently that white men over the age of thirty who have stable employment aren’t included in anything.

Now, there’s a lot to unpack in that, and unpack it all is what we set out to do. But by the end of this episode I think we’d figured out that what we were really talking about was a recent development that’s taking place the world over—namely, the active, overt creation of an identity around white maleness. (As opposed to the idea that being white and male is just ‘normal’, and therefore doesn’t need to be actively defined.)

The significance of this, as we see it, has a lot to do with economic factors, and with people like Mark Parton (and definitely not just white men) misrecognising why exactly men’s health needs (among many, many other things) aren’t being met.

There’s a heap of reading you can do on this topic, if you’re interested. There’s this piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates on Trump; we mention this episode of This American Life where they talk about white nationalism and the far right; Glen mentions Thomas Piketty’s book Capital which is summarised (if not exactly given due credit) here; you can find out more about John Maynard Keynes and his problematic but historically quite helpful economic theories here; and if you’d like to know more about anything else we said, you can always email me at

As always, you can find our podcast on iTunes, and you should check out other music by Reuben Ingall, who provided our podcast’s theme music.

Header image by Buzz Andersen

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