The Homer Half-Hour Podcast #14: It Takes Two to Homer

Back when Homer launched in September 2016 it was a one-man project, but in mid-2017 we put out a call for help and got a few responses. For almost a year now, working busily behind the scenes has been an assistant editor, Jeremy, who’s been helping me edit pieces for publication, as well as brainstorming ideas for what Homer can do next.

We’ve been talking about it for a while, and we figured the time had finally come for Jeremy and I to do a podcast together, where we use the time to talk about why we do this work, what sort of work that is, and what our latest theme, ‘Hair & Masculinity’, means to us. We’re planning to do this regularly, too. Each month we’ll have a new theme, sometimes two if we’re feeling ambitious, and we’ll use every second episode to talk about the theme and the pieces we’ve edited, and every other episode to talk with a writer about the work of theirs that we’ll be publishing.

Next episode we’re talking to Kaya Wilson, whose piece on hair and transitioning will be live later in July, but for now, here’s Jeremy and I coming clean about the personal, nitty gritty pleasures and motivations of running a publishing project about masculinities.

You can find the episode on SoundCloud, iTunes and TuneIn—and if you like the podcast, please leave us a review to help get the word out to others! Thanks, and enjoy.

Header photo by The Poodle Gang

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