The Homer Half-Hour Podcast #15: Hair and Transition with Kaya Wilson

Kaya Wilson is a writer, scientist and advocate for transgender issues, who this month has written a piece for Homer about his relationship with hair—both before and after he transitioned. We loved the piece so much that we decided to focus in on Kaya’s relationship with hair and masculinity, making it the subject of our latest podcast episode.

In this episode, I interview Kaya Wilson about everything from shaving and body hair to sexuality’s inherent connection to the aesthetics of male hair. And if I do say so myself, it’s a fantastic chat. You can read Kaya’s piece for Homer before or after, they only serve to complement each other.

You can find the episode above, and on SoundCloud, iTunes and TuneIn—and if you like the podcast, please leave us a review to help get the word out to others! Thanks, and enjoy.

Header photo of Kaya Wilson by Patrick Boland (

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