The Homer Half-Hour Podcast #4: The ANU Bar Finale

What happens when a live music gig’s all-male line-up becomes the subject of intense scrutiny and controversy?

This fortnight on the podcast we’re talking about the ANU Bar Finale, or more accurately, what happens when a promoter’s male-saturated line-up becomes the subject of punters’ criticism. If you’re not familiar with the controversy, there’s a lot of blow-by-blow coverage out there (and we briefly recap the events in the intro to this episode) so we won’t bother replaying them here.

Rather, our aim with this episode was to try and get a little deeper into what happened and the issues at play. What’s going when an event’s promoter doesn’t foreground gender representation, or simply believes they’re fundamentally unbiased? What’s going on when a band leaves a line-up in protest? Or stays put despite controversy? And what about the female-identifying musicians who’ve since joined the line-up?

Local promoter, musician and record label founder Shoeb Ahmed and local musician Glen Martin sit down with Ashley Thomson to find the role of masculinity in the genesis of a gendered controversy. And you can have a look at any and all of these articles below to (re)familiarise yourself with what went down. They’re in more or less chronological order. (And by the way, Homer certainly doesn’t endorse the tone or content of all of these articles.)

On April 10, as the backlash begins:

On April 11, as coverage increases and Regurgitator get involved:

On April 11, including Regurgitator’s full statement:

On April 12, when the ANU Union gets involved:

On May 5, revisiting an unrepentant promoter and introducing the female musicians who’ve joined the line-up:

[Header image: ANU Bar, Facebook.]
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