We’re hiring sort of!

Homer is on the hunt for two Canberra-based team members, a Social Media Coordinator and an Assistant Editor. If you’re interested, read the position descriptions below and get in touch. Both positions are voluntary and unpaid (hence the ‘sort of’) but we will ensure they are meaningful professional development opportunities—and we’ve had our share of plain old exploitative ones so we know what that looks like.

Relevant to both the roles is that applicants can be damn well anyone. You should, though, have a burning—that’s right, burning—interest in interrogating masculinities and ideas of what it means to be a man. Whether that interest stems from your personal experience, relationships, academic interest or anything else doesn’t matter—y’just gotta have it. If you do, read on. Applications close 30 June 2017.

Social Media Coordinator

Homer has social media presence on three platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’re looking for someone to handle posting across all three. You won’t be unassisted, by any means, but you will be at the helm. On Facebook, this means posting the original content Homer creates as well as keeping an eye out for relevant content that crops up around the internet (but we’ll give you a hand with that because we do it anyway). On Twitter the same is true, although Twitter works best with an interactive approach, so keeping an eye on relevant accounts and stoking interaction will be a must. And on Instagram, you’ll be expected to post excerpts of our content with appropriate images, as well as coming up with snappy original posts—quotes, big events, you get it. We recognise that creating good content and keeping up appearances online can be taxing—a lot of creative energy is involved in good social media—so the right person for this role will have to have the capacity as well as the inclination. If that’s you, plenty of guidance and on-the-job training from people who’ve been there and done it will be readily available.

Assistant Editor

A lot of the responsibilities of this role will be negotiated on arrival rather than fixed in advance, but we’re primarily looking for an Assistant Editor for two reasons. First, we need a team, a core unit that can bounce ideas around and identify weaknesses and areas to expand into. And second, we need a person in-house to maintain momentum on the kinds of writing only Homer is doing: interviews with unusual people who challenge the idea of what it means to be a man and what a ‘valid’ masculinity looks like. You may also be asked to help coordinate live events, so you’ll be as much an assistant dogsbody as we are dogsbodies ourselves. Apply for this position if you’re interested in having conversations inside and outside Homer about where masculinity is going and what it all means, and are down to write consistently on this topic. In return, you can expect as much editorial know-how as we know how to impart and plenty of opportunities to wield your creative heft.

When you get in touch …

Make sure to include the following: the position you’re interested in; a goodly length email detailing your interest and where it originates; and a healthy dose of your personality, including where you’re at in life and any details you think are relevant or are inclined to share. You can chuck your CV in too, if you like, but we’re looking for the person, not the list of accomplishments.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon via email at editor<dot>homer<at>gmail<dot>com. Applications close 30 June 2017.

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